A bit more about Kate

Currently leading Evergreen design system at Segment. Previously leading the design for the Connections product at Segment, and IT products at Splunk. You can find my resume at read.cv/kamebkj or if you prefer a pdf version.

After focusing on product design for some time, I find my passion in design systems and building tools to empower designers and engineers to do their best work. It is not too different from building a product that helps a specific persona to accomplish their goal, but with system design, I get to build the muscle of thinking more horizontally and finding patterns in the problem space.

I love surrounding myself with a group of people who are passionate about design systems and having constant debates about the right altitude to focus on: from setting the vision to pushing pixels, from creating components to creating the process to empowering others. There are challenges at all stages and that is what makes system design fun.

Based in the Bay Area, and still call Taipei my home where most of my family is at. Probably spending too much time in Zelda and Animal Crossing these days.